Welcome to Guide to Liberty!

Welcome to Guide to Liberty. The posts on this website will provide commentary on current events from a classical liberal point of view. Classical liberalism is the term used to refer to the belief in free markets and limited government. Refer to the about page for more information on why I started this website.

The political terms could be so confusing so I would like to clearly define what I mean with the two terms free markets and limited government.

Free Market: The state where the exchange of ideas and products happens between free parties without any use of force. For example if you are buying a sandwich because you want to have a meal and agree to the price of the meal that will constitute an example of a free market transaction. If you are buying a health insurance to meet a government mandate then that is not a free market transaction.

Limited Government: The idea is that the government role should be limited to prevent the abuse of power. This is usually done by creating an explicit constitution or charter limiting the powers of the government. For example the U.S. federal government to explore this further. The federal government was established based on the constitution ratified by the states. The constitution outlines the structure and the powers of the federal government so it can only exercise the powers explicitly delegated to it in the constitution.

I hope you find the content on this website useful.