Welcome to Guide to Liberty!

When I first immigrated to the United States in 2006 I, like many new immigrants, used to rely on the usual media channels to learn about the issues. I used to watch NBC’s daily news every evening and the Daily Show at night. I used to turn on CNN when breaking news happen to follow the coverage. I was so busy building my new life in my new country to learn about the issues so I relied on the media to follow what is going on. I used to stay silent during political discussions of my American colleagues and watch. When I started to express my opinions in those discussions, I realized that I didn’t have enough knowledge to go deeper into the discussion. I became a permanent resident in 2008 and I decided then that I need to focus on learning more about my new country to become an informed citizen so I started reading US history and economics. As I learned more I came to believe that limited government and the free market are the reasons of the greatness of this country.

I became a citizen in 2013 and since then I have voted for and supported candidates that I thought agree with my beliefs. I believe more citizens could share my beliefs if they spent the time to learn more about the issues. I decided to start this website to share my opinions on the political issues facing this country so I can add my voice to all the voices out there for the cause of liberty. I hope that I can help more people to learn about the issues and realize the importance of limiting the role of government and limiting its interference in the market.

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